The past

Did you come here looking for information about a WordPress a plugin called Showtime Slideshow?

I am sorry to inform that I have stopped actively supporting the plugin. The technology used to display the slideshow (Flash) is being replaced by more accessible technologies, such as html/css/javaScript/jQuery.

I am aware that my slideshow plugin does offer some unique features, such as Ken Burns transitions. However I feel that those features do not justify the time and energy used to keep up support for this plugin anymore.

Your best place to look for plugin support is in the WordPress.org Support Forum.

The present

Let me suggest to you some very good plugins to replace ShowTime Slideshow, all using the images attached to a post/page as a source, so migration will be as easy as updating your shortcodes:

You have suggestions to add to the list? PAUL AT YOUTAG DOT LU

The future

I am planning to release a new plugin to replace Showtime Slideshow sometime in the future. Showtime reloaded will be a pure PHP/HTML5/CSS3 solution. The main focus of the new plugin:

  • _Speed & ressource efficiency
  • _Standards compliance (future proof)
  • _Accessibility for mobile devices
  • _few but unique & smooth transition effects
  • _Keep it simple to set up and deploy
  • _Universal customization for developpers (CSS)

Want to lend a hand? Got ideas or feature requests? Feel free to drop me a note at PAUL AT YOUTAG DOT LU.