Founded in 2009 with the purpose to help share your stories, inspire action, and mobilise your communities.

Youtag is working in close collaboration with creative individuals from all fields as well as communication agencies.

Together we provide a range of solutions for your branding & digital communication.

Youtag is a creative design studio for people like you,

pushing for positive change.

We help you


Human-centred design is at our core. We grow brands and organisations by prototyping and testing solutions that speak your audience’s language.


Brands that inspire emotional reactions are unforgettable. By touching people’s hearts, you can create lifelong relationships.


Long-term relationships are built when people identify with a brand and keep coming back for more. True love builds brand loyalty.

With a mix of strategy, heart and skill, we amplify your work.

Clients include public institutions in health, culture, agriculture and social care, associations, NGOs, communes, universities, startups and small businesses.

Hi! I’m Paul.

I’m an independent designer based in Luxembourg.

If you are interested in my curriculum, check out my linkedin page.

Apart from all things design, I’m also interested in more technical stuff like data visualisation, AI, engineering and chemistry.

I love nature. Some of my favorite topics are gardening, clean energy production, space exploration, delicious food and the science of baking crisp sourdough bread with that perfectly sharp ear.

Extract from « MY MAP TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM » infographic